Aha moment !!!

Few days after turning 4 years old, my youngest daughter had an Aha moment.  She picked up a Bob book for beginning readers and started reading.  At first she was sounding out letters then blending them.  I was really surprised because I, (nor her teacher) have not started teaching blending yet.  The last time I checked her work, she was just doing beginning and ending sounds, so I was really not expecting it.  Out of curiosity, I picked up another book, this time with short and long e sounds and asked her to read.  And she did!  She is reading!  I  swooped her up in my arms, whirled her around and around and together, we did the happy dance as her laughter filled the air.  She knew that was a special moment and I can tell by the look on her face that she is very proud of herself.

This morning, holding her favorite book, she said, “Mom, Ethan (her brother) doesn’t need to read me a book anymore because I can do it myself.”  So happy for her 🙂