Can we live without Television?

Nowadays, the children are not glued to a TV screen, myself included. The main reason I decided to do this drastic move is because E has a hard time turning it off after an hour of watching his favorite Cartoon Network. E gets hyperactive and has difficulty transitioning to a different activity afterwards. So, one day I decided we go cold turkey for the whole family and get rid of the TV.  The first couple of days were a little difficult but after a week, they stopped asking about TV time and has resigned to the fact that Cartoon Network is not that important after all.  As for myself, I didn’t miss my shows either.  If I need to watch news, I would go online. Watching television is no longer a part of our daily lives … and I am immensely happy!

Having no TV for a month means kids are having more time playing with each other, reading books, dancing, playing the piano or doing creative projects/art and crafts. I noticed big difference in their behaviors too, mostly on the positive side. Maybe it’s just me but It feels liberating to not have the big screen control your life.  Now I have more time to read books or blog, which I enjoyed. Occasionally, my 5 year old goes to his cousin’s house to play Wii and sometimes we watch a movie, but that’s the extent of it.  We are NOT bringing back the big screen to the household. 🙂

What about you? How do you regulate TV time at home with your children?


Good Friday … where is the water?

Mike woke me up early morning, frantic, asking for water.  Huh? “We have no mineral water, yaya forgot to let us know yesterday that we run out and now the stores are closed!”  I went downstairs to check and yes, its empty. Called 2 stores but no one answers. Spoke to my sis and ask if we can borrow … but she is using her last bottle. I can see the worried look on my husband’s face. I said, “don’t worry, this is Philippines …  there’s always a way.” So i sent the yaya to another store and surprise, surprise, came back with a gallon of water. I asked her how did she manage to get one when it is closed?  She said that she knows the yaya of the store owner that’s why they opened the store only for her.  Talking about networking (and connections) … only in the Philippines 🙂