I am a 40 something Filipina married to a 40 something American, a doting mother to a spunky 3 year old girl and spirited 5 year old boy, passionate about multilingualism, cultural awareness and travel. We used to live in beautiful OC but decided to move to the Philippines to raise our kids. We believe that Immersion is the only way for language acquisition. This is our journey!


4 comments on “About

  1. piaspurpose says:

    This an interesting pursuit; I’m a Filipina born in the Philippines but raised in the Middle East and sadly, my siblings and I could only read Arabic but not understand. Keep writing, you inspire people like me to keep learning 🙂

    • jez says:

      It’s a fun good way to introduce new languages, cultures and people from various walks of life. Surely, Ethan and Aya would be one of the greatest global citizens in the future. “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he won’t depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). I get more inspired and excited to read the upcoming posts! 😉 God bless you and your family always..

  2. paulafilipina says:

    Hi Pia,

    Thanks for liking my post. We believe that language immersion in the country is the only way for the children to learn the language easily and acquire the near-native accent. We are fortunate also that they are still young and within the “window of opportunity” for language learning.

    Keep writing and keep learning. Sometimes in life, we have to take a leap of faith … we will never know what’s out there if we don’t try. 🙂

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