Keeping the Minority language is a challenge nowadays

The kids are now enrolled in the Mandarin Immersion program for September.  Ethan passed his assessment last week for grade 1 🙂  Since summer camp starts in 2 weeks for 2 months, I’ve been teaching more Filipino at home.  Aside from our Kumon Math and Reading, we’ve been watching Filipino tv shows and reading Filipino books.  Aya is now starting to read in Filipino and Ethan is starting to be a confident reader. On my part, I speak Filipino constantly even if they answer back in English.  I told them to have conversations only in Filipino because once they are in school, they are going to learn and speak more Mandarin. Some days, I feel that its difficult to sustain the minority language. It’s unfortunate because no one from my set of Filipino friends  here speak Filipino to their children so I don’t get any support or reinforcement language-wise.  One mom questioned me why do I have to speak Filipino when the  children are here in the States.  Others disagree with me as if it’s a lost cause. Some probably think I am nuts!  But for me, it’s personal.  I want my children to speak my language because it’s part of my heritage.   It is my mission in life that these children  will speak their mother tongue.  One day, I want them to thank me for sharing my language and culture. For now, I have to persevere and keep my eyes on the prize 🙂


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