Mandarin tutor

Since February, E (Ethan) has been tutored in Mandarin by this wonderful Chinese student, Kelsi, whom we found online.  She goes to school here in De la Salle – Dasma so the proximity to our area is perfect.  We are lucky to find her not only because she is a great teacher, but most importantly, she is a native speaker.  Two months into tutoring (she comes to the house 2x/week), E has developed a good ear and is able to adapt to the difficult tones of Mandarin.  He is now counting 1-10, knows his colors, body parts, favorite animals, action words, greetings and is able to understand simple conversation.  I still have to hear him respond in Chinese, but right now he is developing a good comprehension of the language.  Last Wednesday, he was excited to finally have a Chinese name — ” Yi Zheng” (义 yì – righteousness) and (正 zhèng – just; upright). She said its a strong name for a boy.  He gave her a big grin 🙂

On my part, I tried to enroll in the Mandarin class at a local language school and lasted 3 weeks!  Blame it on my dormant brain or pure laziness, I could not (for the life of me) motivate myself to go beyond the basic Chinese greetings 🙂 The only consolation I have is to be able to read pin-yin, so now he can’t get smart and trick me about the pronunciation.  Apart from that, I could not understand Chinese conversations!  So I told Mike, I will continue with my Spanish 101.  Maybe there’s hope for me in the romance language, maybe …. 🙂


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