3 months and counting …

Time flies faster than I anticipated. The 3 months that we’ve been in Manila were a blur. All i know is that we arrived in December 28 and the kids started the local Montessori school called TI Montessori of Meadowood (Bacoor, Cavite) the first week of January. I still remember the kids getting excited because they are going to wear a school uniform and ride a school bus, all for the first time. At that time, we were living with my sister because our house was still under renovation. So while the kids are in school, I was busy with the house. That’s probably why time went faster than I thought 🙂

We moved to our newly renovated house around 1st week of March. We are excited to finally have our routine (and thankful we did not completely destroy my sister’s house) and getting situated at last. At this time, kids have adjusted in school and have made many friends and are starting to speak Filipino. Thanks to daily skype, we were able to speak to my husband almost 24/7 (he is always online by the nature of his job).

On March 22, Mike decided to visit us. He was terribly missing the kids and not feeling good himself to the point of having bad anxiety just being apart from us. I asked him if maybe he can work here instead. It is God’s blessing that his boss has no problems of him working overseas. He booked the next plane out 🙂


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